AIOM BB Cream w/YE-X – All-In-One-Makeup Beauty Cream (Moisturizing, Foundation w/UV Protection, Skin whitening, Skin Tone corrector, Providing anti-aging components with YE-X).

1. Start by squeezing a small amount onto your fingers and apply five dots to the forehead, nose, two cheeks, and chin.

2. Use your index and middle fingers to gently pat the cream in. Rub the BB Cream into your skin using a circular motion, but instead of keeping your fingers in contact with your skin for the entire motion, tap your fingers up and down as you rub.

3. As before, start with the forehead before working your way to the nose and chin. Finish with the cheeks

4. By using a gentle patting pressure near your eyes, you prevent the fine lines that may show up when the dragging, stroke motion strains the skin around your eye, which is especially sensitive

5. Wait a few minutes for the BB Cream to dry. After it dries, if there are any particular areas in need of extra coverage, you can dab another thin layer of BB Cream over them.

 *Balmy BB Creams should be applied with the hands since the heat of your skin melts it, making it easier to apply.