TMR Anti-Aging

Aging is inevitable, but the rate at which one ages is in one’s hands and greatly dependent upon a number of factors. While it is true that genes may be partially responsible for determining the time at which advanced aging occurs, ‘nature’ and ‘nurture’ are key to slowing down the process. Cells, the most basic body unit, are at the center of any discussion about aging. Except for the cells of the heart, nerves, and muscles which cannot reproduce, all other cells have short life spans and are continually replaced by new cells in the body. Over time, cell death outpaces cell production, leaving the body with fewer cell

TMR Anti-Aging is defined as an increase in Cellular Metabolism and an increase in Cellular quality effectively returning your Skin Metabolism to the rate and quality of years prior. A true rewind on your body’s production clock…Combat the effects of aging at the cellular level…


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Tmr Natural Ingredients That Work

We believe that our bodies are incredibly designed to deal with internal and external stresses through the variety of conditions experienced by everyday life. Every 21-28, days our body naturally sheds damaged, dead skin cells and produces new skin cells to take their place. The quality and quantity of these new skin cells vary greatly and are dependent upon a number of factors. No matter what environment or stresses you are experiencing, you can always maximize your body’s natural reproductive cycle by ensuring it is fed a readily available source of top quality and easily assimilated nutrients. The other key factor in boosting and maximizing your body’s cell production rate and quality, is ensuring that these key building blocks are in fact efficiently delivered to the subcutaneous where cell production occurs. In the lab, active ingredients can be proven for effect, however, delivering them correctly to the real world of an individuals skin matrix is an elusive pursuit. Our dedication is not only to supply the best quality ingredients with proven impact, but to see them through the complex maze of our body’s acidic mantle where they truly create..The Miracle Result!

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